Thursday, February 10, 2011


1.  Gym membership reinstated.  BOOYAH!  Now, to get my lazy, loves to sleep, five more minutes please-butt up and out of bed BEFORE my child, or BEFORE I collapse into bed at night.

2.  I feel livelier (is that a word?).  Haven't lost any weight in the last week or so, but it's aaaaall good.  I feel spunky.

3.  I hid the sugar, white flour and processed crap in the very very bottom of my pantry.  Nobody in this house is doing all those bend-low squats to get to it...

4.  I made a delicious protein smoothie today, USING the protein mix I bought about three years ago.  I hate protein powder, but somehow, my magical powers helped me make one that masked the gritty nasty taste of the protein.  Righteous.

5.  Listening to "In defense of Food" by Michael Pollan on audiobook.  Interesting stuff.

6.  Reading "Food Rules" by the same.  Also interesting.

7.  New Goals:

a.  "don't stop beliiiiieeeeving" aka, It's been over a month, keep your momentum and motivation up.  Keep on keeping on, sister
b.  be more precise about measuring out food and recording those measurments UNTIL I have a good idea of what one cup, one tablespoon, etc., really looks like.
c.  eat all food at the dining table.  (I predict this one will be the killer).
d.  get my exercise on and on a schedule.  and think turtle.  "slow and steady wins the race."
e.  never try and trim my own bangs again.  Not food related, but I think you'll agree it's a good resolution if you've seen my bangs.

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