Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Santa

I do realize that Christmas is about eleven months away, but I'd like to put in a request.  In fact, Santa, you could deliver this for my birthday instead of Christmas and we could call it even.  I'd like a CSA membership please, and a cookbook to show me what to do with all my produce goodies!

Yesterday at the library I was picking up my held books, "In defense of Food" and "Food Rules" by Michael Pollan (Reviews coming shortly!)  The kind gentleman who was helping me find my books asked me if I was involved in a CSA.  I was all, "customer service agent?" and he's all "idiot."  But no, I digress.  A CSA is a "Community Supported Agriculture" program.  A local farm extends membership to a community for a price for a season.  Generally, members pay up front for their produce, and over a season, the produce is available for pick-up once weekly.  The produce is FRESH, like right out of the ground fresh.  It's varietal.  Generally this program is not for the picky of heart.  Lots of new and interesting choices.  It's supporting your local agriculture. Why buy from Mexico when you can buy from your neighbor down the road?  Especially in our current economy, supporting local farmers seems increasingly important.  It's organic.  I know this is kind of a hot topic in my family.  My husband is sloooooooowly recognizing the benefit of organic food in some areas.  I'm sloooooowly learning the benefits of choosing organic foods.  These foods are typically pesticide free, for those concerned about that issue.  It's community oriented.  There are frequently options to go pick your own food through out the week (GREAT IDEA FOR FAMILIES WITH KIDDOS! HOW FUN!) or go to a spot to pick up your food, or have it delivered.  OR, in some areas, instead of paying for membership, the option to work the farm itself exists.

This video is a pretty good summary of what a CSA is all about.  I get kind of giddy when I consider how much of a community impact this could/would have on our local farmers if we started to trend more towards this option.  Not only the financial impact it could have on farmers, but the HEALTH impact it could have on me, and my family.

Food is pleasure and community and experience.  God made it that way.  There is pleasure and delight in eating and there is pleasure and delight in the sensory nature of food.  I am overjoyed to rediscover this pleasure and love of food...of GOOD FOOD.  Real food.  Healthy food.  Natural food.

So, Santa.  I think I'm pretty convincing as to why a CSA membership would be an EXCELLENT choice for me this year.  Considering your size, I'm betting you could do with a CSA membership too.

If you're interested, check this site out, and find one in your area!

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  1. I hope to join a CSA this year, too. I'm just worried about letting the food go to waste because I don't have time to cook. I like this website for recipes:

    Maybe you can find someone to share a membership with you?