Saturday, January 22, 2011

What really satisfies

When I decided to start eating healthier foods, I erroneously thought I might be sacrificing taste and flavor for health. How untrue! It's this reason that causes so many people to fail before they even start. I actually started making this transition in late December, early January, and already I've lost about ten pounds. I can honestly say that not one of those ten pounds was lost by denying myself something that tasted good for something that tasted like cardboard.

Sugar and fat make stuff taste really darn good, that is indeed fact. I particularly like the salt part of the taste equation. Sodium = yummm! But, this too has become a point of concern for me as I get older. In addition to fat and sugar, I need to monitor how much salt I'm taking in.

I'll admit, I'm a BIG fan of splenda. Those little yellow packets make my heart flutter. Coffee isn't coffee without my packet of splenda and dash of cream. My instant oatmeal is made all the more delightful by my splenda-did addition. Not to mention how much better my all natural applesauce is with a little help of artificial sweeteners. However, one thing I'd like to do is move away from depending upon artificial sweetness and really enjoy the taste. So, what's a girl to do! If I'm reducing my sugar (virtually eliminating all added sugar sources, really) changing my fat sources to plant based and limiting my sodium, what can I do to flavor my foods?

Herbs! Spices! Citrus! Olive Oil! Wine! Broths! Honey! Fruits! Experimenting with flavors and tastes that come from the earth and really satisfy your tongue! This is something I'm trying to purposefully focus on because I know it's going to be a big factor in my long term success. If my daily diet doesn't satisfy my tongue and the cravings I have for delicious tasty cuisine, then I'm not gonna stick with it.

Last night, instead of having ye old standby snack of a mozzarella stick (which, while good, isn't much of a powerhouse of taste) I cut up four baby cucumbers, sliced in half about a handful of zima cherry tomatoes (SO SWEET) sliced my cheese stick in 1/2 inch pieces and mixed them together. I whisked together some vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, a dash of lemon juice, and generously put some pepper on top with a few pieces of fresh basil mixed in. It was beyond delicious and completely hit the spot.

For those interested in learning more about herbs (the leafy parts) and spices (the non leafy parts) then check this link out! It's a good place to start learning about the differences in various seasonings, how they can be used, and their various flavors.

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  1. yum! that snack sounds sooo tasty!! you'll have to make me some of that next time i come over. :)